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The Lady Who Flew Africa: The Aviatrix 



Feature Documentary. Broadcast BBC4 (58 min) March, June, July 2015; Theatrical (78 min) in film festivals and general distribution 2015 – 2016. Winner Best Film, Explorers Film Festival; Official Selection, Films with Class at River Run Film Festival, Official Selection, Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. 


Feature documentary about the first person to fly solo from South Africa to England. Story moves between the original and a modern day aviatrix re-flying the 10,000 mile adventure in an open cockpit biplane. Filmed on location in (and in the air over) 13 countries over the course of two months, The Aviatrix is a story about being unwilling to be pigeon holed or live life on other peoples’ terms, and having the guts and determination to achieve one’s wildest dreams. 

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